Trail Questions

Question: When is Angler’s Ridge Park open?

Answer: Dawn to dusk. Anglers Ridge trails do close at night per City regulations. The only exception is for SVMBA-approved night rides. Please see our ride page for more information about night rides.

Question: Do trails close when wet or for weather?

The Anglers Ridge Trail system never closes for weather. Perhaps in extreme cases (hurricane, tornado, etc.) we suggest that riders avoid the trail. Otherwise, our trails are open. We don’t look down on or chastise anyone who wants to ride when it’s wet. We do ask that riders give back when it comes to trailwork days or volunteer on your own time, anytime. Our¬†philosophy¬†is … “If you rut it – fix it”

We are blessed with terrific trails that drain very well and recover from weather quickly. Local riders avoid the lowest trails like Riverside Drive and parts of Little Pisgah after heavy rains. Our higher trails ride well after rains particularly Crooked Stick, Hot Tamale, Anglers Ridge, Broken Arrow and Camelbak.

The most up-to-date reports for trail conditions can be found on our Facebook page.

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